Business Model

At B2B EXPERIENCE we focus on being your strategic partner and companion, by our in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business and your clients.

Together we conduct a comprehensive and holistic analysis of the industry in which your business operates, to make it stand out within the value chain of your clients.

We know and live the reality of B2B businesses. This is why our work is to provide you with orientation and guidance, and especially accompany you in the transformation of your business into a state-of-the-art company.

We want your company to become essential to your clients, by a modern and visionary approach consistent with the pace of business in the 21st century. To accomplish this, we develop and implement new experiences in products and services in accordance with the requirements of your clients.

Our Mission

To accompany and guide our clients in the transformation of their businesses into modern companies, with a vision of the future and with a real orientation towards excellence.

Our Vision

To be the Latin American referent in the accompaniment of B2B companies in the development and implementation of marketing models, strategies, plans and structures, and differentiating sales leading our clients to achieve their best production and competitiveness levels.

Our Values

  • Focus on the Client: Our success is the result of the success of our clients.
  • Innovation: We always think outside the box, we see and understand businesses differently, with a modern and visionary approach.
  • Commitment: We are a part of our clients… this is why it is in our DNA to accompany them and provide them the best service.
  • Passion: We love and enjoy what we do… ¡We live Marketing for our customers!

Key Differentiators

At B2B EXPERIENCE we are a part of the world of business between companies, which is why we understand the rationale of companies and how they operate.

We are experts in marketing and its tools, and in strategic business management. We perceive your company and your clients as a whole, so relationships and interactions between them flow naturally.

We develop a 360° view of the industry, of your company and of the value chain of your clients that enables us to accompany you with real client orientation and focus, but without losing sight of productivity and profitable growth.

Our Team

Hector Delgado
Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Innovation
Passionate about Marketing and B2B Business. Extensive experience in different countries and industries, in procees of developing and product management,… Read More
Carolina Delgado
People & Organization
Deeply in love for the development and wellbeing of people, with experience developing and executing career development and promotion plans.… Read More
Godofredo Molina
Projects, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Project development and implementation fanatic. Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in Peru and abroad, developing and leading companies… Read More
Cristian Nieto
Sales, Relationship and Strategy
Enthusiastic about project development and implementation. With over 30 years of experience as an executive and businessman, leading companies in… Read More


We are not consultants… we are a part of your business.

At B2B EXPERIENCE ,we work today thinking of tomorrow’s success, we gear actions together, to be the sustainable basis of future businesses with a common goal and not just isolated efforts.

This is why you will always have a strategist who will be your companion and guide in the definition and implementation of processes such as:


Our services are intended mainly to product and service companies in the B2B segment.

Especially, we target companies without a marketing area or companies that do have a marketing area and wish to enhance it and provide it more importance to give the company a twist towards development and growth and allow it to enter the fascinating world of business in the 21st century.


    Unique responsible for user satisfaction.


    Partner and ally in your company's transformation.


    Company's reason to exist. They look for exceptional providers.


    Main differentiator and added value creator.


    Assures the client's loyalty and profitable long term relationships with them.


We provide training services through courses customized to your needs and those of your client.

Courses will be designed in time and contents according to the interests and depth required by our clients.

Cases and examples applied to industries in which our users operate will be developed.



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